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I'm still new to jQuery and I ran into a small snag. How come the .click function won't work like this:

var $rowStartDate = $("span[id^=rowStartDate]");
var $rowEndDate = $("span[id^=rowEndDate]");

$($rowStartDate, $rowEndDate).click(function() { 
//Notice the variables in this selector

However, it works when I move the elements out of their variables:

$("span[id^=rowStartDate], span[id^=rowEndDate]").click(function() {
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Second argument of $() is context. So you can use add() instead:

$rowStartDate.add($rowEndDate).click(function() { ... });
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@Paul: You're welcome! –  VisioN Sep 4 '12 at 21:05

The two are very much different. You need to look at the definition of the jQuery() function. When you say $("span[id^=rowStartDate], span[id^=rowEndDate]").click(function() { you are passing a string to the jQuery() function that then acts upon that string. When you say $($rowStartDate, $rowEndDate).click(function() { you are passing 2 parameters to the function which expects:

jQuery( selector [, context] )
jQuery( element )
jQuery( object )
jQuery( elementArray )
jQuery( jQuery object )
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Also you can use class for this.

Here is the Html

<span class='rowdate' id='rowStartDate'></span>
<span class='rowdate' id='rowEndDate'></span>

Here is the javascript

   //Maybe you want to know which span is clicked?
        //rowStartDate clicked function starts here
        //rowEndDate clicked function starts here
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