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I have a collection of Java Applets that are simulations. The problem is applet support is widely diminishing and even if a browser supports applets, usually one has to download a bunch of plugins just to get the applets to work. Anyway, I would like these simulations to be viewable to a wider audience.

  1. What options do I have?
  2. Is there any easy process to convert my applet code to javascript or other popular web technologies?
  3. Would the object tag in html5 fix my problem of scarce applet support?

Feel free to recommend any other web technologies!

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You may wish to try Java Web Start if it suits your needs. I have no experience deploying applets with it, but I have successfully used Java programs that use it with no hassle at all. Good luck!

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See also the JWS info. page at SO. JWS can launch free floating applets more easily than they can be deployed in a web browser (no JRE/applet/browser interaction problems). The deployJava.js (linked in the SO info. page) can help ensure the minimum version of JRE needed to run them, is installed. –  Andrew Thompson Sep 5 '12 at 3:10

An applet is basically a Swing application that can run inside a browser. So basically if you need to convert your UI to web based you will need to carry-over the applet code to the html counterpart (i.e. write it yourself).
Not sure though about the support you referring. Java plugin is enough to run an applet and all browsers support that. Unless you use some specific functionality that needs special extensions to be installed you could get away with just an old fashioned (to say the least) UI

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If you are going to end up rewriting it, two possibilities are GWT and Java FX. These are pretty much all java based (as opposed to writing lots of javascript and using a library like jquery on the client side directly). –  Matt Sep 4 '12 at 21:36
@Matt:Yes.The OP can use whatever technology he favors/knows best –  Cratylus Sep 4 '12 at 22:19

You are not going to find a tool to convert a Java AWT or Swing application to HTML/CSS/Javascript.

Depending on many details of your applets, you may find that porting to GWT is less work than some of the alternatives. However, all in all, you really have to think of this as a rewrite.

Sadly, security issues have caused browser makers to make applets more and more inconvenient over time, so if you want your apps to be widely available, this rewrite may be your only option.

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