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I followed these tutorials:

to create wordpress theme option panel and every thing is very good and easy to do but in the tutorial create some fields like (text, textarea, checkbox, select, radio) but it doesn't talk about (upload image, use color picker and more fields).

I want to know how to create upload fields and color pickers and etc. What i want... In theme options.

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i know it is a lousy 'answer', but the Options Framework plugin already has color picker and image upload fields already supported. It is so robust it is hardly worth trying to build your own options panel and just kind of lets you focus on building your theme.


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I agree - I've also answered a couple of these types of question and felt bad about saying 'use a plugin'. There are some great custom options plugins, for me it's the right advice. The OP could look through the code of those. –  McNab Sep 5 '12 at 6:23
exactly what i was thinking.... it is a lousy answer, but sometimes 'use a plugin' is the answer. why re-invent the wheel? doing something 'without a plugin' isn't automatically better b/c plugins aren't automatically bad. –  helgatheviking Sep 5 '12 at 19:06
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