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OpenNI provides the function ConvertRealWorldToProjective which lets you easily convert real world (x,y,z) joint positions, in mm, to a projected (x,y) position in pixels for a given viewport. This is really useful for drawing a 'skeleton' over the webcam feed.

Is this functionality exposed by ZigJS, either as a function or perhaps already converted somewhere? I can't find any mention of it in the docs, but I had luck with a previously undocumented feature with Zigfu in the past.

user.addEventListener('userupdate', function(user) {
  var real = user.skeleton[zig.Joint.Head].position; // this is real world coordinate
  // anything exposed by zigfu to convert to real world?

If not provided by Zigfu, does anyone know of a good JavaScript library that provides this sort of functionality?

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ZigJS exposes two (unfortunately still undocumented) methods: convertImageToWorldSpace and convertWorldToImageSpace. They both accept an array of coordinates where every 3 elements represent a single point, and they return the converted points.


To save anyone else the trial and error, it is the embedded object, not zig itself that has the undocumented methods. Example:

var zigObj = zig.findZigObject();

user.addEventListener('userupdate', function(user) {
  var real = user.skeleton[zig.Joint.Head].position;
  var projective = zigObj.convertWorldToImageSpace(real);
  // do something with the converted position, like drawing it over the webcam
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