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Is there a Java package providing funcionality like the .Net System.Data namespace ? Specificaly the DataSet and Adaptor classes ?

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Use java.util for the collections. java.sql for databases.

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ADO.NET is a framework with multiple uses, and DataSet is one of the main abstractions. Tell us more about what you want to achieve, and I'm sure somebody will find a Java framework for that purpose.

If you want a simple way to map Java objects to a data backend (like XML files), take a look at some of the POJO (Plain Old Java Object) frameworks.

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Hibernate is a popular framework in the Java world. Pretty simple mapping of objects to tables and lots more.

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Hibernate is anything but simple. – skaffman Oct 1 '08 at 12:22
I agree with skaffman, Hibernate has a lot of features but whether or not its complexity is justified is a subject of much debate. – MetroidFan2002 Oct 1 '08 at 12:42

The equivalent to ADO.NET is JDBC. You can get the flavor of it here:

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Matt, Hibernate is not what he is looking for. If it was there was NHibernate available on the .NET side.

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