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I would like to know whether there are any tools which convert xml data into Oracle tables. I came across Altova's MapForce. But I am not sure whether I could use that for achieving this. Could someone suggest any other alternate option / or any help documentation of Mapforce which talks about this conversion.

Thanks, Shafi

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In 10g, you can create an XMLType table and use SQL*Loader to load data into it.

See documentation for details.

Then you can fill pure relational tables with SQL statements.

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The best material I've seen is two papers by Ken Atkins on "Getting XML into and out of Oracle using PL/SQL." There's a version on the ODTUG site (registered members, but registration is free) at

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Hi Jim, The above mentioned link is not showing up any content even after I registered. Could you send the link again. – shafi Aug 5 '09 at 6:30
Yeah, jumping into the middle of the ODTUG site isn't easy. So here's the detailed route:, click on Tech Resources. In the "search by topic" area click on "PL/SQL". Enter "Atkins" in the search box and it'll be about the 4th item in the list. – Jim Hudson Aug 7 '09 at 13:39

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