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So i have 3 tables, 2 with data and 1 to connect the other 2 through foreign keys. It's something like this:

student(ID_stud, etc)
study(ID_stud,ID_spec, etc)

Now i'm working at an Edit.php menu(i did the add menu with the list) and i need specializations in a drop-down-menu with the value from the mysql already selected

Here is what i did so far but i only get the correct value selected repeating itself n times

<select name="specialization" type="text">
        $list_spec=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM specialization, study, student WHERE $ID_stud=study.ID_stud and specialization.ID_spec=study.ID_spec ");
        while ($array_spec = mysql_fetch_array($list_spec)){?>
        <option selected="<? echo $array_spec['ID_spec'] ?>"><?php echo $array_spec['spec_name'];?></option>
        <?php }?>
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please don't use mysql_* functions, it's deprecated (see red box) and vulnerable to sql-injection. Use PDO or MySQLi. – alfasin Sep 5 '12 at 0:38
I dont worry about this since it's for a project, it wont end up on the web so i try to keep it as simple as possible – Vlad Sep 5 '12 at 0:39
It's hard to change bad habbits, why won't you use PDO or MySQLi even if it's for a project ? As for your question, you should post the output of the query. – alfasin Sep 5 '12 at 0:42
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You just need to set the selected attribute on the item that is selected. All the others will not have a selected attribute. The value of this attribute does not matter.

Something like this:

<option <? if(isSelected) echo 'selected' ?>><?php echo $array_spec['spec_name'];?></option>
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