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I have a program on my machine which runs in my terminal window, and returns lists of info. For example:

t000930_152536.SFTC   1369.000
t031109_124140.SFTC   1369.000
t140207_071131.SFTC   3094.000
t190222_011122.SFTC   1369.000
t100423_011232.SFTC   1369.000
t190423_021543.SFTC   1369.000
t190714_205113.SFTC   3094.000
t110115_085319.SFTC   3094.000

All I want to do is to grab this info with Python - whether that be to write it into a file, or make it a list..

Here was my naive attempt:

import os


f = open('1400list.txt','w')
os.system('vap -c freq *.SFTC') # this tells my other programme to create its list

But the file created remains empty. Would love some help on this simple issue please!

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Incidentally, you can use this sort of redirection at the terminal directly. You only really need python involved if you want to take the output and manipulate it in some way. –  abought Sep 5 '12 at 2:50

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Try normal file redirection. Assuming, vap prints its information on stdout, this approach should work for you:

import os

os.system('vap -c freq *.SFTC > 1400list.txt')
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Awesome! Thank you so much. –  user1551817 Sep 5 '12 at 1:50

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