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I am using xUnit.net (1.5, but 1.1 seems to have the same issue) in a Visual Studio 2008 solution (with a simple post build event). The host system (Windows XP) is the localized german version and vs2008 is the english version.

The VS output window shows the localized german output like this:

1) IXmlSerializableTest.XmlSerializerTest.FactName : Assert.False() Failure
Stack Trace:
   bei Xunit.Assert.False(Boolean condition)
   bei IXmlSerializableTest.XmlSerializerTest.FactName() in D:\svn_checkout\OpenCVConfigurationTool\src\IXmlSerializableTest\XmlSerializerTest.cs:Zeile 86.

However, (no surprise) VS is not able to extract the file / line number from the localized output. As a result, VS won't jump to the according fail position when i double click the output line.

Any ideas how to work around this, so I don't have to navigate manually each time? Thanks in advance, Johannes

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We fixed this for English, but we don't have the resources (or, really, the capability) to cover all Visual Studio languages. :(


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