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I'm starting out with a small app using programmatically created sqlite db. Is there a way to inspect that db when the app is running on emulator?

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You can download the database file from the device to your PC and then use any SQLite browser / tool to inspect the database.

Either via the adb commandline tool from the Android SDK tools

adb pull /data/data/your.app.package.here/databases/yourdatabasefile.db

or via the device browser (File Explorer) in Eclipse in the DDMS perpective (maybe that exists in IntelliJ too, Idk)

or the new Android SDK tools provide a neat standalone version of that DDMS perspective & the file explorer via the new Device Monitor tool (android-sdk/tools/monitor.bat)

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Consider voting for youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-67759 so that it works automatically. –  CrazyCoder Sep 5 '12 at 5:23

This is now possible with IntelliJ IDEA 14:


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I have intellij 14.1.1 but I haven't the window Database under tool windows in view menu. Does anyone know how to solve it? –  LeiNaD_87 Apr 3 at 15:53

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