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I keep getting a Reference Error inside the setTimeout function.
Below is the code in javascript file

( function( $, undefined ) {

  $( document ).ready( init );

  function init() {

  function registerEventListeners() {
    $( '.start_countdown').click( handleStart );
    $( '.end_countdown').click( handleEnd );

  var countdown;
  var countdown_number;

  function handleStart() {
    countdown_number = 11;

  function countdown_trigger() {
    if (countdown_number > 0) {
      countdown_number --;
      document.getElementById('countdown_text').innerHTML = countdown_number;
      if (countdown_number > 0) {
          countdown = setTimeout('countdown_trigger()', 1000);

  function handleEnd() {

})( jQuery );  

In the jade.js file:

extends layout

append scripts

block content
  h1= title

  p Redirecting you to your documents shortly

    button.start_countdown#start Start Countdown
    button.end_countdown#end End Countdown

  div#countdown_text Placeholding text

Reference Error: 'countdown_trigger()' not defined

When the page is loaded everything appears to work fine.
Clicking the start button displays 10 but then throws the reference error. Any suggestions?

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When you use quotes in setTimeout you're invoking eval which is not a good idea. Try passing a reference to the function instead of a string:

countdown = setTimeout(countdown_trigger, 1000);
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That did. Lesson learned. Thanks – user1460015 Sep 5 '12 at 2:26

To explain what's going on and why it doesn't work - when you pass a string to setTimeout(), the string is evaluated by eval() in the global scope. That means that no local functions or variables are available in that global scope. Since your countdown_trigger() function is declared inside another function, it is not in the global scope and thus won't be available to eval() and thus it doesn't work when you pass it to setTimeout().

This is one of many reasons to never pass strings to setTimeout().

Instead pass a real function reference which is evaluated in your current scope like this:

setTimeout(countdown_trigger, 1000);
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Thanks for the explanation! – user1460015 Sep 5 '12 at 2:36

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