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I need some gps device, which I will be able to set in a vehicle in order to keep track of it.

Every second (it would be better if this parameter can be configurable) a device should send information to the server:

GET/POST request to http://mysite/getLocation

with the following information:

lat: 23.1232
lng: 34.1232
deviceId: 321

Few important things:

  1. information should be sent in real time (just storing info and accessing it in the end of the day does not work)
  2. vehicle will be operating in the city
  3. device should work at least 24 hours till recharging

My question is: what device should I buy: If possible please provide some links to the device or where I can read about it.

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This is a really really open ended question, and perhaps not entirely appropriate for here.

There are too many parameters you don't specify - such as the data channel you propose to use for communications, or how the device is going attached to the car or whether it is to be surreptitious.

Making some assumptions however, An entirely practical and economic solution is to get any cheap smartphone for which you can write or download apps. They all have GPS and all can use 3G/EDGE/GPRS data as the comms channel. You might want to arrange an additional power-supply - which is not hard in a car - and some way of mounting and water-proofing the apparatus.

I suggest that you could do this for

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