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Please take a look at the following image…


There are two symbols in this image.

I learned from Wikipedia's “List of logic symbols” the symbol “⊕” stands for “XOR”, but what does that cross in square symbol mean? Does that mean “XOR” too?

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Means: combine the two inputs using XOR. So, this symbol indeed can be read as “⊕”.



Means: combine the two inputs using addition. This symbol indeed can be read as “+”.

Nota Bene

In the image you're asking about, it is noted that the S-boxes take 8 bit (= unsigned char) input and return 32 bits (= unsigned int)… which means the cipher expects you to do the addition and XOR on unsigned integers.


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It is clear. Thanks for your answer after two month. – Solomon Nov 13 '13 at 2:26

The plus in a box is addition mod 232 (actually, I don't remember for sure -- it could be mod 232-1, but it's addition in any case).

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