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Say I have a circle on layer1 and then a square on layer2. The circle diameter is the square's width, their centers are the same, and the circle is on top of the square. How do I set things up such that if I trigger any event on layer1 the same even will be executed at the same location in layer2. So in this case if I click on the circle, the square's click event will also be triggered. Of course, this doesn't mean I simply want to hook up the circle's events to the square's, but rather I basically want the events to be triggered on both layers.

so for example if

circle.on( "click", function() {

square.on( "click", function() {

then clicking on the center of circle should trigger the square click event.

And NOT by

circle.on( "click", function() {
    square.simulate("click"); // don't want this
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How about adding the circle and square to a group, and then attatch the click-event to the group instead?

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Kinetic has two things that can help you.

  1. getIntersections() -- returns all shapes under the mouse click point
  2. fire() -- fires an event

The Kinetic docs mention the getIntersections() performs slowly, so they prefer getIntersection(), but I have never used either, so I can't say how much.


Hope this helps.

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