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I have an an NFC app which allow user to scan their NFC tags and perform some action. I faced an issue which is when user scanned the tag, it will how "Choose an action" but not "Complete action using". The different between these two is, "Complete action using" allow user to pick "always" button. If it show "Choose an action", it cant remember user decision and user have to choose the app every time they scanned a NFC Tag.

Please checkout below screenshot, picture tell thousand words. How can I force "Complete action using" dialog?

choose an action complete action using

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could you show your code when you construct Intent to send it to action chooser? –  Hit Oct 19 '12 at 13:54

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As it turns out, you cannot alter the Android default Intent chooser. All you can do is create your own DialogFragment with a list of Activities that can respond to a given Intent and add buttons with a custom logic. Hope this helps.

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