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I am building a java app which integrates with my facebook account and fetches checkings details of my friends.

Steps that I followed:

1) Download facebook-java-api and created a dynamic web project in eclipse.

2) Refer the article to authenticate a user_

3) Refer the following URL to see checkin API refrences

On this page, under the “Searching” section I came across the link, when we click this URL it navigates to a page_<.........> (it automically creates a access token for you, provided that you are logged in your facebook account) and there I can seee my friends checkins details.

Now how can I integrate the same feature with my Java app?

Any other suggestion to retrieve friend’s checkins details and to show them on a jsp page.


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facebook-java-api is old, is there a specific version of the library you are using? – phwd Sep 5 '12 at 4:09
As such I am not using any specific library. I just downloaded “" and integrated respective jars in my project But I didn’t use any of its library. For the authentication I referred and which is authenticating a user via JavaScript. – Rituraj Jain Sep 5 '12 at 5:34

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