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I dont seem to quite understand how xml_parse works. What i was doing was getting the contents of the xml file, create a parser, and pass it into xml_parse(). I dont know what to do after that. I was thinking that in my case, $xml was the array i can now iterate through. I was trying to see how i would parse my data.

    $fp = file_get_contents("memberdata.xml");
echo "pre-create";
$xml = xml_parser_create();
echo "pre-parse";
$status = xml_parse($xml,$fp);

    die("Error parsing data from $fp into $xml");
echo "pre XML posting";
echo "<br />".$xml."<br />";

I cant seem to figure out how to access this.

Sample xml data is as follows:

<currentTime>2012-09-05 03:43:25</currentTime>
  <rowset name="members" key="characterID" columns="characterID,name,startDateTime,baseID,base,title,logonDateTime,logoffDateTime,locationID,location,shipTypeID,shipType,roles,grantableRoles">
    <row ..>
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Not worthy of an answer, but I would suggest using either SimpleXML or DOMDocument (both built in to PHP). You will get a lot more support for those. I've never heard of xml_parser before this question! – Explosion Pills Sep 5 '12 at 4:22
i saw those on, but i thought those were things i needed to install, and i was thinking to just do it the with basic stuff. Let me take a look at SimpleXML then. – Fallenreaper Sep 5 '12 at 4:25
They are libraries for PHP but with a vanilla PHP install they should be included. They will only be excluded if you do a PHP install that excludes them specifically. – Explosion Pills Sep 5 '12 at 4:27
I just tried SimpleXML. Sweet baby jesus it is now really easy. lol. – Fallenreaper Sep 5 '12 at 4:37

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Instead of using the base tools, using one of the toolkits, SimpleXML will alleviate a lot of the frustrations. The answer to this question is redone using SimpleXML.

    $fp = file_get_contents("memberdata.xml");
$eve = new SimpleXMLElement($fp);

$cols = $eve->{'result'}->rowset['columns'];
//I put result in {} because result is a special character in php.
$cols = explode(",",$cols);
foreach ($cols as $c){
    echo "".$c."<br />";
    //output is printed to screen

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