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I have a ViewCharacter page that has a View Model (CharacterViewModel) as its DataContext, in that CharacterViewModel I have an ObservableCollection of WeaponViewModel that a ListBox is using as an ItemSource. The ListBox's DataTemplate contains a UserControl that is designed for the WeaponViewModels in the parent page's View Model's ObservableCollection. I need to bind a CommandParameter of a button in the UserControl to a property on the Parent page's view model (CharacterViewModel). I've tried using {Binding DataContext.TargetProperty, RelativeSource={RelativeSource TemplatedParent}} with no success and am at a loss of what to do without outright breaking all MVVM patterns.

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Windows Phone 7 lacks a relative source binding. I have created a Silverlight implementation here:


But for WP7, where performance is critical, I would avoid using it!

I would instead recommend making the relationship between CharacterViewModel and WeaponViewModel bi-directional. In other words, add a Parent property to WeaponViewModel which will be a reference to the owning CharacterViewModel. You can then bind to properties on CharacterViewModel via this property.

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While it's disappointing that I have to resort to alternative methods to get to the data I need, your method makes sense. Never really considered that instead of trying to access the parent of the view, access the parent of the viewModel. –  MHollis Sep 5 '12 at 12:10

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