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I am registering an event listener using Mate:Listener as

<mate:Listener method="getSettingListner" type="{SettingEvent.GET_VIDEO_SETTING}" useWeakReference="true"/>

and trying to detach it when am done with my work like


But, while debugging i can still see that the method is still listening to the event. Why?

How can i detach an event listener which was attached using mate?

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You can't, per this post on the Mate Forums. It advises you to either set the 'type' property to null, or use ListenerInjector as Listener is deprecated.

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Thanks for your reply..I could achieve this by doing event.target.removeEventListener(SettingEvent.GET_VIDEO_SETTING,getSettingListne‌​r); –  Veeru A S Sep 6 '12 at 4:09

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