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I'm new to PHP and the whole world of DOM and XML Parsing, but here I have stumbled onto this one. If one removes a child node and then calls hasChildNodes() on the parent node, it would return a non-zero number. However if we set the preserveWhiteSpace to FALSE, this problem does not arise. So my question is how can we make hasChildNodes() return 0 after calling removeChild (assuming there is just one child) while preserving white space and formatting?

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You can't really, you'd have to walk the child nodes and filter out the ones you don't care about (text nodes in this case).

In pseudo-code:

children = node->getChildren();

array_filter(children, function (element) {
    return element->isTextNode() && empty(trim(element->getText()));
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can you please elaborate? – Raghu Kanchiraju Sep 5 '12 at 6:01

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