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I have run into a bit of a fix. I installed Apache on C drive (with space 40 GB) and installed jackrabbit as my document management system. Due to high usage, the drive is almost full and I now need to move the contents to another drive before I run out of space on C drive. Is this possible? If so how ? I need to be able to change the settings in such a way that all my previously uploaded documents are available as well as newly uploaded documents are uploaded to the new location.

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I solved the issue. I stopped Apache Tomcat service. I moved the folder 'workspaces' inside the 'jackrabbit' folder to new location 'E:\JackrabbitWorkspace\workspaces'. Then edited the value to <Workspaces rootPath="E:\JackrabbitWorkspace\workspaces" defaultWorkspace="default"/> in repository.xml – Jayakrishnan GK Sep 5 '12 at 10:26

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