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First of all, i m new to Servlets and JSP. I m learning these my own. I have a doubt. How can i create a config file or library file in Servlets? It means I need to keep database connections in one Servlet and want use the variables throughout entire project. Also i need to create some common functions in one Servlet and want to call those functions wherever i need.

Can i achieve these things in Servlets? It is possible in other environment like PHP etc.. But i dont know how to do these in Servlets? I spent last few days to figure it out. But i couldnt make it.

Please help me to solve these things..

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Yes you can achieve that, but not using a servlet. What you need is to define a Common class that will hold all your common methods and variables like the one below

public class Common {
  public static final String DEFAULT_LANGUAGE = "en"; //better to have private variables with public setters and getters
  public static String getDateFormatted(.....) {...}


It is better to create a separate database class for controlling your database interaction. Lets say:

public class DBConnection { 
  private Connection dbCon;
  //its more convenient to implement the connect on the no ArgumentCostructor
  public boolean connect() throws ClassNotFoundException, SQLException {...}
  public ResultSet execSQL(...)throws ClassNotFoundException,SQLException {...}

If you want to use a global parameter from within a java class you just call

String formatedDate = Common.getDateFormatted(date);

Or for db connectivity stuff you can call

DBConnection con = new new DBConnection ();
rs = con.execSQL(sql);
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Thanks MaVRoSCy.. Let me try with your idea. Then get back to you. –  Edwin Alex Sep 5 '12 at 7:48
It works cool.. Thanks man. –  Edwin Alex Sep 6 '12 at 14:36

check this simple article By Oracle

on how to use Servlets and configure Servlets !

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Thanks for replying Viral. This s not i m looking for. I know how to configure JSP, Servlet and all. But I need to create a common servlet, which will be used in entire project.. I can use the common servlet to define a database connectivity and define some constants.. Hope u understand my problem –  Edwin Alex Sep 5 '12 at 6:27

You can configure your database connection parameter in web .xml init parameters like this


And get the value in servlet using String myDbUrl = getServletConfig().getInitParameter("dburl");

You can also use tomcat Server.xml file for database connection.

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