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I built an HTML5 mobile app using trigger.io. My app runs perfectly in the iOS simulator and the web. I wanted to install it on my iPhone as an app to see how it would run and function and see what I need to spend time optimizing. Unfortunately, the app refuses to install on my iPhone 4S (OS v5.1.1). I have built the IPA dozens of times and even generated a completely new Signing Certificates and Provisioning Profiles. I have also tried dragging the IPA onto iTunes as the Trigger.io doc suggests. It always says: iTunes Sync 'quad' failed to install when I try that method. I don't know why it fails to install. I can't seem to get it to work.

Any help would be appreciated.

This is the output below of forge run iOS.

$ ~/Library/Trigger\ Toolkit/forge -v run ios
[   INFO] Forge tools running at version 3.3.11
[  DEBUG] ignoring non-target directory __init__.py
[  DEBUG] ignoring non-target directory config.json
[  DEBUG] ignoring non-target directory lib
[  DEBUG] ignoring non-target directory platform_version.txt
[  DEBUG] ignoring non-target directory reload
[  DEBUG] Enabled platforms: ['ios']
[  DEBUG] Using configuration file value u'device' for ios.device
[  DEBUG] Forge build tools version: 3.3.11
[  DEBUG] main: {"server": "https://trigger.io/api/"}
[  DEBUG] GET https://trigger.io/api/auth/loggedin
[  DEBUG] Checking API response for success or error
[  DEBUG] already authenticated via cookie - continuing
[  DEBUG] POST https://trigger.io/api/track/
[  DEBUG] Checking API response for success or error
[  DEBUG] <ForgeTask (ios)> running...
[  DEBUG] <ForgeTask (ios)> script:
[{'do': {'lint_javascript': ()}},
 {'do': {'check_local_config_schema': ()}},
 {'do': {'run_ios': (u'device',)}, 'when': {'platform_is': 'ios'}}]
[   INFO] Checking JavaScript files...
[  DEBUG] Running: '/Users/tarun/Library/Trigger Toolkit/build-tools/bin/jsl-mac' '-conf' '/Users/tarun/Library/Trigger Toolkit/build-tools/jsl.conf' '-process' '/Users/tarun/Programming/quadmobile4/src/*.js' '-nologo' '-nofilelisting' '-nosummary'
[   INFO] JavaScript check complete
[   INFO] Verifying your configuration settings...
[   INFO] Configuration settings check complete
[   INFO] Running on iOS device: device
[  DEBUG] Using configuration file value u'iPhone Developer' for ios.profile.developer_certificate
[  DEBUG] Using configuration file value u'/Users/tarun/Programming/quadmobile4/iOS_Dev.mobileprovision' for ios.profile.provisioning_profile
[  DEBUG] Looking for apps at /Users/tarun/Programming/quadmobile4/development/ios/device-*/
[  DEBUG] Signing /Users/tarun/Programming/quadmobile4/development/ios/device-ios.app/
[  DEBUG] Provisioning profile has valid wildcard application ID
[   INFO] Plist OK
[   INFO] 1 Provisioned Device(s):
[   INFO] ['a2064f351c36f1c80453afe05411d33c9fe72cb7']
[  DEBUG] Running: '/usr/bin/codesign' '--force' '--preserve-metadata' '--entitlements' '/var/folders/mz/01cdl7w93dx1g2p6vsp1tvkw0000gn/T/tmpW7_LWS' '--sign' 'iPhone Developer' '--resource-rules=/Users/tarun/Programming/quadmobile4/development/ios/device-ios.app/ResourceRules.plist' '/Users/tarun/Programming/quadmobile4/development/ios/device-ios.app'
[  DEBUG] /Users/tarun/Programming/quadmobile4/development/ios/device-ios.app: replacing existing signature
[  DEBUG] File: fruitstrap, already downloaded and correct.
[   INFO] Installing app on device: is it connected?
[  DEBUG] Running: '/Users/tarun/Programming/quadmobile4/.lib/fruitstrap' '-d' '-u' '-t' '10' '-b' '/Users/tarun/Programming/quadmobile4/development/ios/device-ios.app/'
[   INFO] ------ Install phase ------
[   INFO] [....] Waiting up to 10 seconds for iOS device to be connected
[   INFO] [  0%] Found device (a2064f351c36f1c80453afe05411d33c9fe72cb7), beginning install
[  ERROR] Something went wrong that we didn't expect:
[  ERROR] Failed when running /Users/tarun/Programming/quadmobile4/.lib/fruitstrap: ------ Install phase ------
[....] Waiting up to 10 seconds for iOS device to be connected
[  0%] Found device (a2064f351c36f1c80453afe05411d33c9fe72cb7), beginning install

[  DEBUG] Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/Users/tarun/Library/Trigger Toolkit/build-tools/forge/async.py", line 96, in run
    result = self._target(*self._args, **self._kwargs)
  File "/Users/tarun/Library/Trigger Toolkit/build-tools/forge/main.py", line 398, in run
  File "/Users/tarun/Programming/quadmobile4/.template/generate_dynamic/customer_goals.py", line 122, in run_app
  File "/Users/tarun/Programming/quadmobile4/.template/generate_dynamic/build.py", line 337, in run
    self._call_with_params(task_method, task_args)
  File "/Users/tarun/Programming/quadmobile4/.template/generate_dynamic/build.py", line 296, in _call_with_params
    return method(self, *params)
  File "/Users/tarun/Programming/quadmobile4/.template/generate_dynamic/ios_tasks.py", line 574, in run_ios
  File "/Users/tarun/Programming/quadmobile4/.template/generate_dynamic/ios_tasks.py", line 513, in run_idevice
    run_shell(*fruitstrap, fail_silently=False, command_log_level=logging.INFO, filter=lambda x: ((x.startswith('[') or x.startswith('-')) and x) or (x.startswith('@') and x[2:-6]), check_for_interrupt=True)
  File "/Users/tarun/Programming/quadmobile4/.template/generate_dynamic/utils.py", line 346, in run_shell
ShellError: Failed when running /Users/tarun/Programming/quadmobile4/.lib/fruitstrap: ------ Install phase ------
[....] Waiting up to 10 seconds for iOS device to be connected
[  0%] Found device (a2064f351c36f1c80453afe05411d33c9fe72cb7), beginning install

[  ERROR] See /Users/tarun/Programming/quadmobile4/forge-error.log for more details
[  ERROR] Please contact support@trigger.io
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From a support email thread, this turned out to be a provisioning profile issue. @Tarun, would be great if you can provide more details here about where the problem was and how you fixed it for reference by other users and so we can update our documentation. –  Amir Nathoo Sep 11 '12 at 17:05

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Hmm, not much helpful log output there - if you have Xcode I'd recommend looking at the Console output in its Organizer view. There might be some information there.

When apps fail to install silently in this way, it's often a problem with the developer certificate / provisioning profile.

Are you using a development wildcard provisioning profile? Do you have the Parse module enabled (this requires a non-wildcard provisioning profile due to the push notifications)?

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