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In Facebook API in FBDialoge.m file ,

I want that login window to open on another VC, so in FBDialoge.m file ,

I am changing this code ..

UIWindow* window = [[UIApplication sharedApplication].windows objectAtIndex:0];
[window addSubview:self];
[window addSubview:_modalBackgroundView];


 SettingsPopover *svp = [[SettingsPopover alloc] init];
[svp.view addSubview:self];
[svp.view addSubview:_modalBackgroundView];

but that login window is not coming on SettingsPopover , can anyone tell me what should I do here?

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Here instance of SettingsPopover *svp is new one which will add subviews but will not take effect until this new instance is used. Where ever u added SettingsPopover in viewcontroller that the reference i m talking about.

I mean u need original reference of SettingsPopover to take effect by adding subview.

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In my app , one of the popovers is SettingsPopover in which Facebook login is there . I just press that button and whole this things are getting called (FBConnect one) and it is showing big login screen on the app . I want that screen on that popover only . – Jean-Luc Godard Sep 5 '12 at 6:37
so .. as original reference what actually you want me to do here? – Jean-Luc Godard Sep 5 '12 at 6:38

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