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$string = "   Some string  ";
//the output should look like this
$output = "___Some string__";

So each leading and trailing whitespace replaced by underscore.

I found the regex for this in C here: Replace only leading and trailing whitespace with underscore using regex in c# but i couldn't make it work in php.

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You could use a replace like:

$output = preg_replace('/\G\s|\s(?=\s*$)/', '_', $string);

\G matches at the beginning of the string or at the end of the previous match, (?=\s*$) matches if the following is only whitespace at the end of the string. So this expression matches each of the spaces and replaces them with a _.

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Thanks. Regex kills me. –  Marvin Saldinger Sep 5 '12 at 6:46
@RazvanO. this isn't completely trivial to do with regex, so the regex is a bit tricky. :-) –  Qtax Sep 5 '12 at 6:48
Nice one! Even if those other solutions did work, this is the one I would use, in .NET as well as PHP. –  Alan Moore Sep 5 '12 at 6:50

You can use regex with look ahead as Qtax suggested. An alternate solution using preg_replace_callback is : http://codepad.org/M5BpyU6k

$string = " Some string       ";
$output = preg_replace_callback("/^\s+|\s+$/","uScores",$string); /* Match leading
                                                                     or trailing whitespace */
echo $output;

function uScores($matches)
  return str_repeat("_",strlen($matches[0]));  /* replace matches with underscore string of same length */
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This code should work. Let me know if it doesn't.

$testString ="    Some test   ";

echo $testString.'<br/>';
for($i=0; $i < strlen($testString); ++$i){
  if($testString[$i]!=" ")
for(; $j >=0; $j--){
  if($testString[$j]!=" ")

echo $testString;

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