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I am trying to add items to spinner in fragment. But i am having problem with the context. Because in fragment there is no context. Here how i am doing

public class DetailFrag extends Fragment {

    public View onCreateView(LayoutInflater inflater, ViewGroup container, Bundle savedInstanceState) {

        View scrollView = inflater.inflate(R.layout.myscrollview , container, false);       
        LinearLayout linearLayout = (LinearLayout) scrollView.findViewById(R.id.mylayout1);

        for (int i=0; i<questionList.size(); i++) {

            View verticalLinearLayout = inflater.inflate(R.layout.mylistrow,  null);
            View horizontalLInearLaoyout = verticalLinearLayout.findViewById(R.id.questionRow);
            TextView tv = (TextView) horizontalLInearLaoyout.findViewById(R.id.question);
            Spinner spinner = (Spinner) horizontalLInearLaoyout.findViewById(R.id.spinner);

            //Problem: how to define this in fragment createFromResource(this,...)
            ArrayAdapter<CharSequence> adapter = ArrayAdapter.createFromResource(
                    this, R.array.options_array, android.R.layout.simple_spinner_item);

            EditText editText = (EditText) verticalLinearLayout.findViewById(R.id.txtMultiLine);

            String question = questionList.get(i).question;

            tv.setText(i + question);

        return scrollView;  
    } //end of onCreateView()
} //end of class DetailFrag
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In fragments context is not available the way you expected in your code. Instead of this, use following:

ArrayAdapter<CharSequence> adapter = ArrayAdapter.createFromResource(getActivity().getBaseContext(),
                R.array.options_array, android.R.layout.simple_spinner_item);

Hope it helped. Cheers

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Why .getBaseContext()? –  hengxin Jun 27 '14 at 11:22

do something like :

private Context myContext = null;

public DetailFrag(Context ctx){
    myContext = ctx;

public View onCreateView(LayoutInflater inflater, ViewGroup container, Bundle savedInstanceState) {

ArrayAdapter<CharSequence> adapter = ArrayAdapter.createFromResource(
                myContext, R.array.options_array, android.R.layout.simple_spinner_item);

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i used this and it worked getActivity().getApplicationContext() instead of this. –  Basit Sep 5 '12 at 10:33
@Basit never use the application context for creating controls! Better use the activity itself. With the application context you can leak the context quiet fast. –  rekire Mar 21 '14 at 14:37

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