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i check the solution file and project file, and can not find anything related to this setting. When people get latest version from TFS source control, they always see the 'loaded' status, which is not really what i want.

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This information is stored in the solution user options file (.suo) which you can find in the same directory as the solution file. As the name implies this is user specific information which means sharing this across the team will be difficult because then everyone will need to live with the same options and store files in the exact location because the .suo file contains full paths.

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i compare that .suo file before and after 'unload project' action, it turns out to be the same file. so i guess this settings is not stored there. –  Kevin Yang Sep 7 '12 at 10:06
my fault, i forget to save the whole solution. it 's indeed saved in suo file. –  Kevin Yang Sep 7 '12 at 10:15
That's a bummer I have a need to check this option into source control too since we have code that our solution depends upon that is outside of the solution that only a special subgroup of developers ever needs to touch or have licenses for. But its really inconvenient to have to search within two solutions if they could be merged with key projects being unloaded so that by default others don't have to bother with that code but still leave the option for others to easily take a look at. –  jxramos Aug 1 at 21:52

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