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What would you advise to deploy an opa app under linux using the node.js backend ?

When using the "native" backend, I used to deploy the *.exe in /usr/local/bin/.

Now, with the node.js backend, the .js files seems to need the extra directory _depends.

Should I put my whole opa project in the home of the web user, and run the application from here ?


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You can try the new bundle option (available in the last nightlies):

$ opa --bundle myapp.tar.gz myapp.opa 
$ tar -xvf myapp.tar.gz 
$ du -h -d 1
   7,8M ./node_modules

Use a package.json to config the extra node modules dependencies, some cloud provider will use it. Or add them in the node_modules directory with npm install mongodb formidable nodemailer simplesmtp imap.

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Supposing your nodejs file is named toto.js, and you have toto_depends, you can use opa bundle toto in your project directory.

This will bundle all required files and dependencies in a toto.opa-bundle folder, and then tar-gz it in toto.opa-bundle.tar.gz.

This is an alpha tool for the moment. It has a very naive way of copying files in the opa-bundle folder.

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