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Today when modeling system designs I primary use Enterprise Architect and to some extent Visio. But in many cases I find these tools to "heavy" for my needs. So does anyone knows about a more light weight tool, maybe something like Balsamiq mockups but for modeling system environments?

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A very good tool is yEd. It is rather similar to Visio, but:

  • it is free even for commercial purposes (!)
  • it saves you a lot of time since the auto-layout capabilities are simply amazing
  • it is very portable. I use it in Linux and Windows. Even though it is fully implemented in Java, it is quite snappy.

Check here for some examples.

It is not "heavy" in that it is not a pure vector graphics editor, but rather a true graph editor. You do not typically manipulate elements in the diagram as they were simple lines or shapes, but only in their roles as edges, nodes, and labels.

The ability to import diagrams into Word documents is not as good as for Visio, but it is still rather respectful for a non-Microsoft product. On the other hand, export to SVG and HTML (with image maps) blows Visio 2010 out of his socks.

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Thanks! I'm going to give it a try, think it looks promising. – mstrand Sep 5 '12 at 8:55

I've been using Enterprise Architect for UML diagrams for sometime until I found umlet

It is lightweight and allows you to quickly create models.

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