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How can I mount a floppy image file using cygwin. I would like to mount the image, copy a file to the mounted drive, and then unmount it from the command line.

I know you can use Virtual Floppy Drive in windows, but is there a way to do this in Cygwin?

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Can't you just use Virtual Floppy Drive? Cygwin doesn't really do filesystems; it lets Windows take care of that.

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If you look on line (google) there doens't seem to be support in Cygwin for that kind of functionality. An alternative, though more effort, would be to use something like VirtualBox, or the free version of VMWare and run a light-weight Linux distro, where you could use the loopback mounting feature and expose it via samba as a windows-share.

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Use ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver is a disk image emulator created by Olof Lagerkvist. It can emulate devices as hard drives, floppy drives, or CD/DVD drives. It is free software, containing some code licensed under GPL, and some under BSD.

URL download: ImDisk

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