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We have a custom taxonomy called Byline that is created via More Taxonomies Plugin.

The Problem is after we save the post the Byline in case of multiple byline example ( C. Reporter, B. Reporter, A. Reporter ) it became (A Reporter, B Reporter, C Reporter) which we have issues with the order of names.

I check the wp_term_relationships and I found the field term_order but it wasn't being populated and even if i save the taxonomy one by one it's automatically sorted by term_taxonomy_id.

I use the function get_the_term_list( $post->ID, 'byline', '', ', ', '' ); in calling the taxonomy.

Is there a way i can populate the term_order during post or update.


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term_order is currently only used by galleries and afaik there are no plans to extend on this.

There is an entry in the trac, with example code on how to use it for taxonomies.

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