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Chrome has an awesome feature: You can search the settings page, and Chrome displays only the relevant settings, or, if you need to open a window, a little hint. I really like this feature and would like to implement it in my Open-Source tool.

How could this be realized, technically?

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you can try using a collection view for your settings collection and filter this after you change the search string.

var settings = new ObservableCollection<SettingsClassType>();
SettingsCollView = CollectionViewSource.GetDefaultView(settings);
SettingsCollView.Filter += (o) => {
  var setting = (SettingsClassType)o;
  return string.IsNullOrEmpty(YourSearchInput)
         || setting.Name.Contains(YourSearchInput);

private string yourSearchInput;
public bool YourSearchInput
  get { return yourSearchInput; }
    if (value == yourSearchInput) {
    yourSearchInput= value;
    // filer your collection here

hope that helps

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