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I am trying to figure out best practices of deploying a sinatra app under nginx and thin! any guidelines or sourcecode will be appreciated.

I don't want to use passenger nor Apache.. as my hunch is nginx and thin will be a faster combination. on the other hand, can thin be faster on its own without nginx?? this will be my next thing to find out.

Thank you all for your interest.

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Take a look at, most of the deployment screencasts can easily be used with sinatra instead of rails. – ThoKra Sep 5 '12 at 9:32

I sugest you benchmark your Sinatra app with unicorn, puma and thin before deciding on either one. For my app, I found that the performance was much better for unicorn than thin, but only at high loads.

You can read my results at:

Make sure that your benchmarks are in an environment as close as possible to your expected production environment (I used a staging server).

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