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I'm a .net developer looking for an application/GUI framework. I've really only found 1 example of what I am looking for which was provided in a DevExpress KB aricle.

Does anybody have any opinions on this example or can recommend something that resembles this that might be better to use. I like the Outlook look and feel so the example given is right along the lines of what I'm looking for, I just think there might be something better out there.

Thanks in advance.

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There is the SharpDevelop Core. It is very good, but there's one caveat: while version 4 is now in WPF, it doesn't follow the Model-View-ViewModel pattern. If you want something similar that's also MVVM, I suggest SoapBox Core disclaimer: I wrote it. It's open source (LGPL) just like SharpDevelop, but it uses MEF for extensibility, which will be part of .NET 4, rather than the a custom add-in architecture.

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You are probably looking for something like the Smart Client - Composite UI Application Block. I am not aware of similar frameworks for .NET and tend to think that most companies develop custom solutions for their projects.

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The components from ComponentArt are very good, I have purchased and use these, and can recommend them.

I have alo since started using jQuery, Using this with a combination of Custom ASP.NET WebControl and UserControls, once can create some very responsive and lightweight GUI components. Definately worth a look if you need to keep things simple or need something specific.

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