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In my ClassMap I only want to load a property when it satifies a condition. This is the code I use now:

References<MyObject>(x => x.Property).ForeignKey("RecordId");

I'd like to add a Where clause to this: only load x.Property when a value in the database is zero, something like this:

References<User>(x => x.Property).ForeignKey("RecordId").Where("Removed = 0"); // Where Removed is a column of the user table 

But this doesn't work unfortunately. Does someone knows an equivalent for this?

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In the ClassMap class I've added a Where clause:

public class ClassAMap : ClassMap<ClassA>
    public ClassAMap()

        // Only load Class A where the user is not removed
        Where("PersonRecId in (select u.Userid from Users u where u.Removed = 0)");

        Id(c => c.Id).GeneratedBy.Identity();

        References<User>(x => x.User).ForeignKey("UserId");

Note: You need to use aliases in the Where clause, otherwise it goes wrong.

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