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I have watched the WWDC session 223 video on using the panGestureRecognizer of an off screen UIScrollView to get kinetic scrolling in OpenGL. I'm experimenting with this and a UIView descendant (rather than the OpenGL view in the demo) All works fine except when I rotate the device, the scrollview still calculates the contentOffset in unrotated coordinates. Is there any way to instruct/hook up the scroll view to the apply the device rotation / window transformations?

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Turn out I did not watch the demo video carefully enough: the scrollview must be hooked up to the root controler by adding it as a child view. Adding the UIScrollView as an invisible child to the UIVIew it controls fixed the problem.

UIView* theViewToControl = [...];
UIScrollView* scroller = [....];
// move gesture recognizer, set delegate etc. 
// Up to here it works, except for rotations;
// This is is required to make rotations work too:
[scroller setHidden:YES];
[theViewToControl addSubView:scroller];
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