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I'm reading a csv file with FlatFileItemReader and using a FieldSetMapper to map it to a domain object.

In case the mapping fails, I would like to have the original line read by the FlatFileItemReader at my disposal so I could write it to another csv file.

My original idea was to use some listener to push the read string to StepContext and then a SkipListener to fetch the string to write it to another file. But I can't find a way to catch the original line read by the FlatFileItemReader.


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if your configuration is similar to the Spring Batch Documentation for FlatFileItemReader, you could use a custom LineMapper instead of the usual DefaultLineMapper which throws an enriched exception

here is some simple example code

public class DefaultLineMapper<T> implements LineMapper<T>, InitializingBean {

public T mapLine(String line, int lineNumber) throws Exception {
            try {
      return fieldSetMapper.mapFieldSet(tokenizer.tokenize(line));
            catch (...) {
                throw new CustomException(line, lineNumber);


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Implementing the onReadError(Exception) method of the ItemReadListener interface does exactly what you need.

public void onReadError(Exception e) {
    if(e instanceof FlatFileParseException) {
        FlatFileParseException ffpe = (FlatFileParseException) e;
        ffpe.getLineNumber(); //The line number error occured
        ffpe.getInput();//Text value of the unparsed line
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