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Searching the web for a findstr equivalent for Powershell I found this site, which suggests using the the Cmdlet gci (get child items) and select-string. However, gci doesn't print the content of a file, instead it prints the directory content. How the pipelining in this case works, how can gci and select-string filter the content of a file (without piplining it first to the get-content)?

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Select-String accepts pipeline input. When you pipe FileInfo objects, they bind to the InputObject parameter. The following two commands are equivalent:

PS> Get-ChildItem C:\test.txt | Select-String -Pattern logfile

PS> Select-String -InputObject (Get-ChildItem C:\test.txt) -Pattern logfile
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The select-string cmdlet recieves a System.IO.FileInfo object from the pipeline. Thus it is able to determine which part of its parameters are file names and which are the strings to look for. See Select-string at Technet.

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Ok I understand now, it is select-string which reads the file contents, thanks. –  Christian Ammer Sep 5 '12 at 9:31

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