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I have this piece of code in one single file

//declaring something
$arraylst=/*retrieve from database query and sure this contains the correct result*/
<div id="something">
foreach($arraylst as $key=>$val):
    //create a span and print out $val's property1  

foreach($array as $key=>$val):
    //create a span and print out $val's property2

<script language="javascript">
var arr=[<?php echo json_encode($array); ?>]
//do something else

The output to the screen I see is only one "span"; that is if my arraylst size is 3, I can only see the first span because my database query is sorted ascendingly. The rest is not seen at all.

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$array="span".$n; overwrites the array with a string.

Use array_push( $array, "span$n" ); to add an item to the array.

(Then you'll want to remove the [ and ] from around the json_encode as you'll have an array in $array).

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THanks, I fixed that but I still get the same erroneous effect – Litilol Xylitol Sep 5 '12 at 9:55

You always set the value "span" to $array.


You do not add it to the array you set the array to that value.


$array[] ="span".$n;
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