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I am looking for a free image search API for just picking the first thumbnail or image from search results. I have read many posts similar to this one (Image search API post), but in all of them there is a limitation of use that limits the result requirements of their apps. I have thought of just parsing the Google Images, because I´ve read that this is the only one that has no restrictions (well, I think it will be limited by IP if there are too many queries in a day, but this limit may be high enough). Do you know any alternative to parsing? In the case of parsing, do you know a good way to to this (being protected from a sudden change of their webpage response)? An example of a similar idea is this one.

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This question is about a "software tool commonly used by programmers" (specifically, image search API), so I see no reason to close this question. – GermanK Jul 16 '13 at 16:05