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I am trying to make sensors work when screen is off. It is well known bug. And there is no any soution for this on all phones. I have the hypothesis that i can can cheat kernel if I send(inject) screen_on event while actually the screen will be turned off. Do you have any ideas how can i check my hypothesis and inject such event?

There is some ways in Android to inject events http://www.pocketmagic.net/?p=2640 In this case can help: 1) Using of internal API. But i cant find API in sources witch i can use. Please help me with this. 2) Direct event injection to /dev/input/eventX. But it seems that this is only input events such as keys but i cant find there screen_off(screen_on) event.

Where can i find in sources of HAL the code where screen_off event generated. I tried and did not find this code in sources.

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Each Android device has a set very custom kernel drivers with custom power management and stuff that handles things like screen / sensor states. It might even be that case that the sensor voltage supply is hardwired to the screen voltage supply. I am pretty sure you can't inject some screen_on event that keeps the screen off but leaves the sensors alive. –  zapl Sep 5 '12 at 10:22
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For direct injection to /dev/input/eventX , you should see Part 2 of the article you just quoted. It provides an open source library to do just that. The code is posted on google code: http://code.google.com/p/android-event-injector/

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