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I have CollabNet Subversion server and client installed, running off of Apache that came with it. From the command line on the server, I can easily access the repository using a path like


but I can't access it using its actual location on the disk, like


I just get "[path] is not a working copy." What am I misunderstanding?

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Common mistake. You have to use the file:// pseudo-protocol like this:


SVN repository paths have to be URIs.

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Ah, many thanks. :) –  Chris Aug 4 '09 at 14:41


svn checkout "file:///C|/repositories/repository"

and see if you can see the files inside the repo.

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You should be able to use "file:///c:\repositories\repository" to access a repository via path.

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Usually "not a working copy" means that there's no .svn "magic subdirectory" there.

You need to do a "checkout" to get a working copy, and not just an "export"

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