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I have a javascript which currently gets called using the 'onchange' event.

<SELECT NAME="person<?PHP echo $i; ?>" id="person<?PHP echo $i; ?>" onchange="get(<? echo $i; ?>);"> 

This select input replies on me having chosen a selection from the drop down list. if the page is loaded and the select has a 'selected' attribute so that a selection is preloaded, the javascript is not called. How can I change this so that the script will be called on load for the existing selection and on change should the user change the option?

this does not work:

<SELECT NAME="person<?PHP echo $i; ?>" id="person<?PHP echo $i; ?>" onchange="get(<? echo $i; ?>);" onload="get(<? echo $i; ?>);"> 

Thanks for the help.

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onload event doesn't work for select tag. . You should try working on the values on docuement ready state and place it back to select tag – coosal Sep 5 '12 at 10:19

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<SELECT NAME="person<?PHP echo $i; ?>" id="person<?PHP echo $i; ?>" onchange="get(<? echo $i; ?>);">

select does not have onload event. you can call onload function on body tag,

<body onload="get(<? echo $i; ?>);">

But for this function to work $i should be defined before body tag ,otherwise it will return a undefined error.

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Its not working because SELECT doesnot have onload event. Use it in windows onload instead. BTW where $i comes from

    get(<? echo $i; ?>);

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I would have used jQuery

jQuery(document).ready(function($) {

 $('select').each(function() { 


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