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one can init an empty array in class in php like this:

class Foo
    protected $bar = [];

but how can I do this in extension developed with c?

notice that the $bar property is not initialized in constructor.

I've already tried the zend_declare_property function, but I get this error:

Fatal error: Internal zval's can't be arrays, objects or resources in Unknown on line 0

PS: [] is the shortcut for array() in php5.4, and my question is about writing php extension (with c), not about php itself. I know my english is not good enough but if something I've written is hard to understand, please let me know.

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declaring a empty array like that only works in php 5.4 –  JvdBerg Sep 5 '12 at 10:27

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Maybe you want something like this..

protected $bar = array();
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