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I have an SBT project that contains multiple subprojects, i.e.:

> projects
[info] In file:/home/me/src/foo/
[info]     popen
[info]     foobar-core
[info]   * foobar-client
[info]     foobar-db

Is there a way to run an action in each of these subprojects? I'm looking for something like publish-all, since I currently go through all the subprojects and run publish manually, which gets fairly tedious once there are more than a handful of subprojects.

I'm using sbt-0.11.2 out of inertia, but am willing to upgrade if that helps.

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You can define a project that aggregates all the other projects. Each action run on this project will be run on all aggregates. Here is an example from the sbt wiki:

import sbt._
import Keys._

object HelloBuild extends Build {
    lazy val root = Project(id = "hello",
                            base = file(".")) aggregate(foo, bar)

    lazy val foo = Project(id = "hello-foo",
                           base = file("foo"))

    lazy val bar = Project(id = "hello-bar",
                           base = file("bar"))
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Thanks, that is precisely what I was looking for. –  themel Sep 5 '12 at 11:02
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