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This is going to sound like a really stupid question to whoever knows the answer!

When I create a JSfiddle it appears on my listing page like this

cGzCe Revision 8

Then I title it 'Multi-create nodes ' (extra space since the revision number is added with no space to this phrase) and update again and get this

cGzCe Multi-create nodes Revision 9

I want to alter the text of the cGzCe in the larger font - where can I do that? I forked someone else's fiddle the other day and it had this done, but I couldn't see how the settings differed from one of my fiddles! Help please :-D


Also, for a bonus point - does anyone know how to disable the auto-indenting... (or make it work reliably, or lower the indent to two spaces..)


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While I think this is off-topic for Stack Overflow (and have voted to close as such), the way to have no string of random characters besides the title of the saved Fiddle is, when you start the Fiddle, declare its title; if the title is added after a point at which it's been previously saved then the string of characters will appear, since that's the 'base'/'original' Fiddle, whereas the 'titled' Fiddle is a later revision.

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that's great thanks. i know what you mean about off topic, but i figure plenty of people here know/want to know. what do you think is the next most appropriate stackexchange board for stuff like this? –  joevallender Sep 5 '12 at 11:07
Honestly, I'm really not sure. It could be argued that SO is appropriate, due to the programming-relevance of JS Fiddle; but it seems to be relatively debatable either way. –  David Thomas Sep 5 '12 at 11:08
One thing more. If you created the fiddle being logged in you can redeclare the base and set the title –  zalun Sep 13 '12 at 13:17
as far as I know, it's valid to ask about programming tools, even ones that are online. –  Sahuagin Mar 18 at 23:14

I had trouble replacing the fiddle code number with a fiddle name and description.

Here's how I got the results I wanted:

  1. Clicked on "Base" to get the fiddle URL to show as /xxxxxx/#Base where xxxxxx is the fiddle code.
  2. Used the Fiddle Options to set the Fiddle Name as "MyFiddleName" and Description
  3. Clicked "Update"
  4. Clicked "Set as base"
  5. Now the dashboard shows "MyFiddleName" with the description and doesn't show the xxxxxx code.
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