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I am a total newbie to matlab and right now I am taking a course on Digital Image Processing. I want to plot the histogram of an image in matlab, which initially seemed simple. However, I always get some error. My code is

I = imread('C:\Users\Saurabh\Pictures\myimage.jpg');

The error message is

Error in ==> img_histogram at 2

Can some body please explain the error !!

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Is that really the entire error message? Does it not give a description of the error just above the lines you posted? –  Dan Sep 5 '12 at 11:13
Also you might have to convert your image to greyscale before using imhist(). What does size(I) output? If it has a third number then you must convert from RGB to greyscale, try rgb2gray() –  Dan Sep 5 '12 at 11:18

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This will do regardless color or gray image:

bins = 0 : 255;
I_col = reshape(I, [], size(I, 3));
hist(I_col, bins);

assuming the values of the image are uint8 in range 0-255

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