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I have the following code :

<s:select name="" list="#groupListAction.groups" listKey="id" listValue="name"
  headerKey="" headerValue="Please select" id="addUser-primaryGroup" />

The problem is that the option text will have unescaped HTML like <b>Name</b>. This will cause the options to be displayed in bold. How can I prevent this ? Only the <s:property/> tag seems to escape html.

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That's true.. According to documentation, only property tag has parameter escape which is by default set to true. Select tag has no such parameter, so I am afraid you have to escape HTML server side... You can use JSoup or similar library for HTML manipulation...

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You could use this approach instead: html select with struts iterator <s:iterator>

<select id="xxx" size="1" name="xxx">
   <option value=""> <s:text name="" /></option>          
   <s:iterator value="xxx">                     
      <s:if test="%{key.indexOf('|') == -1}">
         <option value="">XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX</option>

This will allow you to control the situation with <s:property> tag and escape it.

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