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I would like to use sed (is this the best tool?) to go from this:

foo     bar    buzz     fuzz

to this:


How can this be done ?

Many thanks :).

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$ sed 's/\s\s*/|/g' < input
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The \s shorthand is not POSIX-compliant, and may not work across all versions of sed. YMMV. –  CodeGnome Sep 5 '12 at 11:38
@CodeGnome You are right. Your answer is portable. –  user647772 Sep 5 '12 at 11:39

Assuming you have 5 spaces between your items and they are in a file called test.txt:

sed -i "s/     /|/g" test
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Use the [:SPACE:] POSIX Class

If the number of spaces could change, or might be a mix of spaces and tabs, then you want to use a POSIX class to replace a series of whitespace characters with a single pipe symbol globally within the current pattern space. For example:

$ echo 'foo     bar    buzz     fuzz' | sed 's/[[:space:]]\+/|/g'
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If you have GNU sed:

sed -r 's/ +/|/g'
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