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I have a jsf template page. In this template i would like to use component with parameter. Actually i would like to iterate over collection. This collection should be determined by parameters from particular page. Parameter name is selectedMenu. How can i use this in my bean?

<div id="notes">
                    selectedMenu: #{selectedMenu}
                        <h:inputHidden value="#{notatkaController.searchForm.kategoria}">
                            <f:param value="#{selectedMenu}" />
                        <ui:repeat value="#{notatkaController.items}" var="item" varStatus="iter">
                            <f:param value="#{selectedMenu}" />
                            <p class="q-title"><strong><h:outputText value="#{item.ntaData}" /></strong></p>
                            <p class="answer"><h:outputText value="#{item.ntaDane}" escape="false" /></p>                                    
                        <span>Moje notatki</span>
                        <textarea>Tu wpisz treść swojej notatki</textarea>
                        <span>[+] dodaj notatkę</span>

My bean:

@ManagedBean(name = "notatkaController")
public class NotatkaController extends AbstractController<Notatka> implements Serializable {

private pl.alfaprojekt.model.session.NotatkaFacade ejbFacade;
 private NotatkaSearchForm searchForm;

public DataModel getItems() {
    if (items == null)
        items = getPagination().createPageDataModel();
    return items;

public PaginationHelper getPagination() {
    if (pagination == null) {
        if (paginationSize == null)
            paginationSize = 10;
        pagination = new PaginationHelper(paginationSize) {

            public int getItemsCount() {
                return getFacade().countByParam(getSearchForm());

            public DataModel createPageDataModel() {
                if (rapId == null)
                    return new ListDataModel(getFacade().findRangeByParam(getSearchForm(), new int[]{getPageFirstItem(), getPageFirstItem() + getPageSize()}));
                else {
                    Long uzyId = SessionUtil.getUser().getUzyId();
                    return new ListDataModel(convertToRaportWierszList(getFacade().findRangeByParam(getSearchForm(), new int[]{getPageFirstItem(), getPageFirstItem() + getPageSize()}), uzyId));
    return pagination;


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I am not sure I understood the question but the question I answer is this:

I want to dynamically display something. I want to tell it what to display when the page gets accessed.


You could then use the following:

<f:event listener="#{myBean.myMethod}" type="preRenderView" />


public void myMethod(ComponentSystemEvent event){
//your logic here

With parameter:

    <f:event listener="#{myBean.myMethod}" type="preRenderView" id="fevent"/>
    <f:attribute name="myParam" value="#{mySecondBean.param)" />


public void myMethod(ComponentSystemEvent event){
String id = (String) event.getComponent().getAttributes().get("myParam");
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